Testimonials from warbasse, coney island- 2018


"I think we enjoyed each other’s stories, but the most important part was bringing people out and getting to know some of your neighbors you never knew before and share your life with them. It was most enlightening and I looked forward to it every Wednesday."


"As I listen, it brought back memories and as I sit here listening, I think I could write two books!"


"I thought it was an awful lot of fun and I really like how people remember things back in the day, which I thought was fascinating, because it’s human interest and I love those kinds of stories. It was very-very nice.


"I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot of things about this city, thank you so much for a wonderful time."


Testimonials from Grace Agard, Fort Greene- 2017


“Storytelling has surpassed my wildest imagination. I never dreamed that we would be telling our true-life stories, it brought out memories. And this class has brought me out of my shyness, it has been so rewarding; it has been such an encouragement to me. I want to thank Cyndi, Mel and Dawn; you have been so beautiful and so encouraging.”


“The feedback really makes you feel proud of yourself. People identify with you and that’s the main thing; the identification that you’re not the only one. It was a wonderful experience, thank you.”


“It was great, I was really pleased; everyone spoke their heart out about the miracles that took place in their lives and different things. It was good for people to experience that – to be conscious that there is something higher out there.”


“The stories that we told were very enriching to me. To listen to other stories and to think back on things - some painful, some happy feelings - and then to put them into story form; this was a wonderful experience. I want to thank you for bring it to us.”


“I can’t remember telling my children how I met their dad, but on Saturday morning my grand daughter was taking me to church and I told her how I met her grand-dad, she had such a laugh. There are many other things I have to tell them about the generation before us, because I know quite a lot, but I never disclosed that to them, and this storytelling is giving me the urge to do that.”


“It was great to be in the group and like I told you, you should take this storytelling to the next step, this could be something big – really big. I don’t know what next year holds, but god willing I look forward to being here next year; the next story I have to tell is how I became a great activist in the community. “


Testimonials from Prospect Heights / Jubilee, 2016


"This particular storytelling thing is great because we have a lot of people our age who have a lot of stories to tell. It’s a catharsis - it really is."


I had been friends with Jerry for years, and when he told his story I realized there was so much to him. I thought I knew everything and I knew nothing – it really was amazing.

What this class has taught me is its okay to be afraid. That is what I love about this class- I am always afraid but I do it because it helps me to grow. I am 72 years old and I am still learning.


"I always wait for Monday - I even cancel appointments! When I get out of this class I have such a feeling inside me and I am more in love with people of Brooklyn Heights – our teachers they give us confidence"


"I had a very traumatic year, my wife was very - very ill with cancer and we lived through terrible times with the illness. I joined this (class) because I thought it would cheer me up, and it made remember the happy days we had together and the wonderful things we did together. It really has been a great boost and I appreciate it"


"I am passing the same stories on to my grandson and I want to make sure he remembers so he can tell them to his children"


Testimonials from Prospect Hill Program, 2015




“Before this workshop we [seniors] didn’t really know each other, but this has brought us together and we have learned about one another’s experiences and realized how much we have in common even though our backgrounds are sometimes so different.”


“The staff, they did a terrific job, because not only did they know every one of us by name, but they also knew the stories that each one of us was telling in detail, they were able to help those who couldn’t tell their story, they knew it all! And I think it takes a lot of something in the mind to be able to do that.”


“I enjoyed it and I really loved it, it was something I never did before, a new experience, I am so glad that I participated in it. The storytellers (referring to facilitators and guest artists) were so interested in us, that was really something to me. It was enjoyable to know that we were able to do it and had the opportunity; it brightened my life. I surprised myself, really I just told it as it is and it worked out fine. I enjoyed hearing stories from each of us; you never know what’s happened in people lives. When you don’t know people, some times you shy away from them, but here you listen and communicate.”


“I never told a story before and I like the story telling because it helps me open myself. I never talk about no stories - no nothing. In my story I felt that god was with me and god helped me out and he is protecting me all the way! If they offered the storytelling I would do it again. They helped me a lot and it helps me, how to think about saying things. I learned about other peoples experience because I hear all their stories. I didn’t miss one class! I liked it I really liked it. Sometimes it is hard to talk in front of people, but this made it easy.”


Frank G

“The memories that these people have and their stories are really fascinating, and the fact that they have a few years on most of us, gives them a depth and compassion that you sometimes don’t see in regular storytelling, I declare this a complete success and I am so glad I came! And they are going to do it again, and I will be back.”

Maria L

“The stories were great, I enjoyed the one about coming to the airport and nobody being there. That happened to me when I was younger. Please get another grant and come back, we need you! It was great”

Diane K

“I was very impressed with the stories and how the interesting the people are, I would love to come again. One of the ladies told a story about her and her husband how they had been married for so long, how they met at the post office, he had worked there for 50 years. And they were together everywhere they went, it reminded me of my husband and me, we have been married for 26 years and we are never apart except for work, so her story made me think of my relationship with my husband and it touched me, it really touched me.”


“Everybody really has an interesting story to tell, I thought it was incredible, it was really good, really good. Stories are important, first I think there is always a sense that if you don’t tell a story, when you die, the knowledge is gone, but it is also part of the community sprit here, your involving yourself and others in your life, its very important, its really been a pleasurable experience and I hope they can do it again.”